Art Bell was the long time host of Coast to Coast AM, a show held in the strange twilight hours after midnight airing live from the middle of Nevada. Through the 1990’s, his phone lines were full of interesting callers ready to share personal experiences on the subversive and conspiratorially topics being introduced by our host. Bell never shut down or laughed at these strange ideas, but rather welcomed them and listened with full attention. 

Weird stuff happens, and maybe everything is not how you assume. Art Bell was a tremendous radio host, and opened public discord on the weird.

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This is a commercial spot for tv or before a YouTube video - 30 second brand promo for Coast to Coast with Art Bell. I only found out about his show through word of mouth, and I think that is how he gained his audience. I wanted to spread the word of this since ended show in hopes that people listen to the recorded backlog of episodes. He welcomed and embraced any and all weird stories.

I created a model size version of the moon landing with matte black spray paint, black model sand mixed with flour to mimic the moon sand, and a model size of the astronaut and lander. The other set I made was a bedroom with window facing out, and fully furnished. I also made the aliens outside the bedroom window out of clay.


Below are more views of the sets and storyboards. Also included are some examples of research and process.

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