The River of Styx is the boundary between this world and the afterlife, where souls must pass to reach their final resting place. Charon is the ferryman of this boundary, ferrying souls into the afterlife. However, this service comes at a price: a cold coin in the mouth of the dead. Without this underworld guide, souls are left adrift for hundreds of years.

Charon’s Ferry Cold Brew Concentrate is deadly strong and not for the faint of heart. As dark as the inside of a coffin with hints of plum, this cold brew is the perfect choice for any coffee enthusiast. Charon’s Ferry Cold Brew is our answer to the bastardization and sweetening of coffee by mermaids. Consider this your free ticket across the River of Styx, just remember to tip your ferryman!

The booklet included includes information about your coffee, but also turns into a pentagram when you unfold and flip over. Hail coffee!

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This is a packaging concept for a high quality cold brew concentrate. Selling the cold brew in the form of a concentrate allows the consumer to craft their drink to their own preferences, reduces waste by limiting disposable cups, saves time in creating multiple servings at once, and a smoother and more healthy coffee beverage.

Cold brewed coffee is a a strong iced coffee drink made through a long steep time process. Coffee beans are ground and submerged in water for at least 24 hours. This long steep process creates a less acidic daily cup of coffee, along with a smoother taste. This is a long process that requires more care and attention, which comes across in flavor and quality. To mirror these sentiments, this package causes the consumer to unpack layers in order to reach the quality end product. Coffee beans are shipped in big burlap bags, which pieces of have been included to secure the bottle inside.

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Below are more views of the package and contents. Also included are some examples of research and process.

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