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Imprint/Impress is a design conference for those moved by printed works. We will push the world of print forward to new heights, while remaining rooted in deep tradition and history. Imprint/Impress is for those interested in function as well as form; for those that do not like being told what to do; for those that forge their own path; for those that have respect for the flat and physical outcomes; for those interested in the mechanical and manual processes. One of the oldest methods of communication will be rejuvenated and reinspired through hands on workshops and talks by industry leaders.


IMPRINT/ a mark made by pressure; an impression or impressed effect, stamp; a mark used by printers; to fix firmly on the mind; to make an impression, have an effect.

IMPRESS/ to affect deeply or strongly in mind or feelings; to urge, as something to be remembered; to press into or on something; to impose a particular characteristic or quality.

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Below is a promotional video for the Imprint/Impress conference. The whole video made from clips of print process shots; like screen printing and plate printing. There was a small narrative that takes place over the minute long video. It starts with the composition being set up, then getting some print supplies set up, picking colors and paper, and then pasting the poster up with wheat paste. I really wanted to get the sense of hand done and manual process through the video because that is a central theme in the conference. 

The conference booklet is given to every attendee and cover the topics of general information, schedule, and speaker information. This booklet, along with personal identification badges are delivered in a bundle inside of a hallowed out book. This is the symbolize a literal pulling from the past to help guide the future of this media. The book is painted all black, and mostly used a visual clue.

The first page of the book is the introduction and tone setting statement of the conference: "We are the makers, the creators, the ones that put ink to paper; printing has been used as a means to spread knowledge, provoke thought, and destroy kingdoms; in a world of ever changing fads, print is a consistent source of power and inspiration; printing has a long history and many have left their mark, we must push print into the future with as much importance and reverence; reach inside this printed work to begin a three day conference dedicated to these ideas, welcome; true to type.


Below are more views of other branding materials. Also included are some examples of research and process.

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