Leash will keep you connected, literally and digitally. Snowboarding was something I got interested in very early in life. I wanted to create and app that had the feeling of fun and movement that happens in snowboarding. The only thing I thought was lacking in the experience was being able to communicate efficiently with friends. 

This is the app keeps you connected to friends, stats, and the community. You can rent gear through the app, and pay more to allow someone else to ride that cannot afford to rent their own. 

Below is a video promo for the app, showcasing a few features.

Now, this app has some features that might be ahead of technology, but that aside this app will be a snowboarder's best friend. A map of the ski trails comes up and the rider is allowed to draw their planned path and sync it with goggles. These will be bluetooth goggles with AR features, because the goggles will show the path you drew in your view through the goggles. 

The font choice for the titles was to mimc the free and wilder side of snowboarding, paired with a stylized helvetica that hints at Swiss style lettering. I chose purple to give the cool feel of winter, but felt blue was not the right effect I wanted.

Below are more views of the app features. Also included are some examples of research and process.

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