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Top Pot Doughnuts is a Seattle staple that has been growing since opening in 2002. National Doughnut Day is the first Friday in June, and a very big deal for this company. The number of doughnuts sold on this day is almost triple the amount of normal days. This situation creates an opportunity to make sure marketing reaches many people to build excitement and awareness of the event. The flag ship store on 5th avenue in Belltown is host to many events that day, like live music and a doughnut eating competition.

Through this design system, as shirt, poster, and other marketing pieces, I wanted to create a sense of excitement and give a feeling of summer time fun because this event sort of starts of the summer. Theme parks really say summer, and the colors work to give a sense of warm and fun energy. I also wanted to play with scale and mixing doughnuts in the illustrations to attract all included in the wide audience of Top Pot.

Below is a poster design created to be put up around the city in the weeks leading to this event. The head of marketing I was checking in with really wanted the first read to be National Doughnut Day and to grab the viewer immediately. It is hard to see this poster and not know what it is for and when it is happening. Then the viewer can travel further in and investigate if they choose. The poster also includes other information not found on the shirt, like live music, doughnut eating contest, and sponsor information.

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Below is a video created to be shown on a large LCD screen that can be found in all of the Top Pot cafe lobbies. This screen cycles through a slide show of promotional material. I wanted to grab attention through motion, since they have not used motion in this setting yet. The pieces of the theme park come in and set to make a still poster, then they fade out to cycle into the next image.

Then following that, there are more pieces below for further information giving. The top left and the long banner piece on the bottom of the group of three below are for Instagram and Facebook. These were made in the system to create pieces for social media sharing.


The top right one of the group is a card for inside the cafes, next to where the shirts will be sold. The bottom white part is perforated and to be ripped off on the day itself so people that purchased their shirts ahead of time are rewarded. This one also needed to grab attention in cafes, to build awareness and excitement for the day. 

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Below are more views of other branding materials. Also included are some examples of research and process.