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The cover of the 58th issue of Side Scroll Magazine attracts the viewer with a macro view of pinball in Seattle. As the reader continues into the magazine to the feature article, the view of the game is a little more zoomed in and the reader gets a surface intro the the story. Then continuing to the jump spread, the focus of the game and story is even more deeply explored. 

The story in the article was also written by me, based from my own perspective of growing and playing pinball with my dad. He taught me some tips and tricks, and an enjoyment of games. 

graphic design, illustration, portfolio

Issue 58 is about the Seattle pinball scene, and the goal of this layout was to mimc the noise and movement that can be found in the game. Layers of colors, patterns, and textures cause the eye to move all around, as if following the ball around the tracks and paths. Green and orange are the base of the palette that can be found through each piece of the spread, causing a continuity. Narrow tracks curved around, and lines of text bounce around the piece, earning the reader a high score, ha ha. 

Below is a flat, digital version of the spreads. Also included is the table of contents and some examples of research and process.