Touché Amoré is a post-hardcore band from Los Angeles, California. They are characterized by powerful sounds combined with strong lyrics by Jeremy Bolm. They released an album called Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me in 2011 and it immediately became a favorite of mine. The intro song of this album is ~ (tilda) and it sets the mood and feeling very quickly.

graphic design, illustration, portfolio

When setting out to create a single cover for this song, I wanted to attempt two different feelings. For the first one, above, the singer was to be the main focus and everything would radiate from him. Bolm shouts his lyrics out over the loud music, and his conviction can be felt. I used the name of the band to create a sense of movement and the "u" and "o" meet his mouth in a way to show him screaming out his words. This song is two sides of feeling which complicate things for the singer; there are two competing figures that overlap to create a negative space of the name of the song.

For the other cover, below, I wanted to try something a little more illustrative, so I create a feeling of overwhelming sound and movement through use of lines and people hiding. The lines in the background show a feeling of rhythm that carries through all music, and the overlapping lines above mimic the chaos of hardcore music. A gritty texture was added to carry through the feeling of a grimy LA music venue. The two kids below, in opposing colors, show a feeling of difference but cohesion. 

Below are sketches and research.